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Sky TV: Sky TV Cards and Sky TV+HD Receivers at Best Prices!

SKY TV - GET SKY TV ABROAD: Sky TV Card offers Europe's lowest prices on Sky TV Viewing Cards and Sky TV Receivers since 20 years.
Guaranteed 24/7 Reception and 12 Months Repair or Replace Guarantee on all Sky TV Cards and Sky TV Receivers, plus Free Lifelong Customer Service.
Join our Thousands of satisfied Sky TV customers throughout Europe, Russia, North Africa, the Middle East and Eurasia.


SKY TV: Entertain your whole family with a selection of over 80 must-see channels, 67 stunning HD channels, Europe's first 3D channel and 240 FTA Channels.

Sky TV Card brings you the latest Sky HD and Sky+HD Receiver models DRX595, DRX890 and DRX895w, plus UK, ROI and Freesat Sky TV Cards with Sky TV Packs.
Choose your preferred Sky Subscription: Sky World HD, Sky Entertainment, Sky Entertainment Extra or Sky Entertainment Extra+.
Enjoy Optional Sky TV Packs: Sky HD Pack, Sky Movies, Sky Sports, BT Sport or Extra Channels like MUTV, Chelsea TV and Sky India-Asia.

Sky HD, Sky+HD Receivers and Sky TV Cards are sold together at discount prices and are also sold separately.

See our Sky TV Coverage page for satellite dish requirements in your specific location.

Click here to find out how to get BBC, BBC HD, ITV and related channels that have been moved to a UK spot beam.

Click here to get your Slingbox® 500 for use with or without your sat-dish and Sky+HD Receiver. Access your Sky TV Subscription via Internet anywhere!

Click here to visit our Sky Italia TV Website for Sky Italia Viewing Cards and / or the Sky Italia Pace DS831NS Receiver.

Sky TV: Skytvcard Sky TV Cards & Sky TV+HD Receivers at Best Prices for Sky UK TV Abroad!

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